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Environmental Policy

We are committed to increasing our energy efficiency, so we are acting on several levers.

Reduction of electrical consumption:

  • All our stitchers are equipped with energy saving motors
  • All our equipment is regularly maintained
  • All lamps are LED lamp

We are also setting up a solar energy supply, with a power of 48 Kwc, which will cover 45% of our needs from June 2022.

Reduction of water consumption:

  • We use a mixed system of drilling and public water supply, to manage our needs as closely as possible
  • We reuse water from the wastewater treatment plant for watering our green spaces. Our water treatment plant, based on the principle of micro-biological cultures, is approved by the Ministry of the Environment.
  • We also recover rainwater.

Furthermore, we have implemented a strict waste management policy, with sorting areas located in each section, and a specific disposal according to the type of waste: burial, incineration, recovery. Our project Les Petites Chutes (The Little Scraps) is fully in line with this approach.

Finally, in partnership with a lovely start-up specialized in reforestation, Bondy (, we reuse part of our green space to install a permaculture vegetable garden. From June of 2022, the vegetables from this garden will be used to supply the internal canteen, and will benefit our employees. The permaculture system is totally in line with the approach of environmental protection and respect for the earth.