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The Little

The story of “Les Petites Chutes” (ou The Little Scraps) was born from our desire to give life to all the beautiful fabric scraps that our factory generates every day. To avoid them ending up in the flames of an incinerator and being wasted. This project is in line with our CSR approach, and reflects a constant search to give meaning and value in the realization of our actions. Today, all our scraps are reused and recycled. Every day we sort them. A large part is kept in our dedicated style office, where our teams create collections of their own or adapted to your needs around the accessory, childcare and decoration universe. Fabric scraps are worked according to different techniques (crochet, patchwork, braiding, mixed raffia/scraps…) including our own added value touches such as embroidery and screen printing. Entrust us with the manufacture of your clothes, we reuse the fabric scraps from this manufacture to offer you the matching creative accessory !